Cleaning & Storage   


Proper storage and care of the net will increase the life of the net and will avoid the net from tarring prematurely. Before I leave the dock I usually fill a 5 gallon bucket with a cap full of soap and fresh water (Salt water is OK in a pinch). Once Iím finished catching bait I will put the whole net and line in in the bucket until I get back to the dock. Once back at the dock I rinse the net with fresh water to remove any soap residue, stretch the net and let it dry. Every 4-5 usages of the net I will substitute the soap for fabric softener this will give you a much more pliable net and it smells great.


 Storage is the one thing I see most people do wrong. The key is to have a dry net in storage and never store a wet net. However there are times when it is not possible to completely dry a net before storage example; rainy days, nights, and no time. The one thing that will kill a net (besides a blue fish) is storing moist net in a bucket with no holes at the bottom and around the sides. A moist net will retain some water and it will then start to fill the very bottom of the bucket. A net left sitting in water and heat from trapped air will prematurely break down the mono and shorten the life of the net. The holes in the bucket allow the moisture to weep out and the air to circulate.


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